Monday, May 20, 2013

String # 50

TanglePatterns String 050Not much activity on this blog lately. It has been a couple of months ago. I also started some other tangleprojects I wanted to do. I started with One Zentangle a Day, but I am stranded on day seven. But that doesn't matter, I can restart when I want to. But the main reason for not posting is my lack of energy as usual. But today I am posting :) yeah!

Well I tangled this string which was provided by Maria Thomas from for‎. You will find it under strings. You have to turn the string upside down to see how I used it. I started with the phicops and than the rest went smoothly. Fun to do.

string # 50


  1. Kijk, dit is nou leuk, zit ik nij Anette op de bank en komt er een mail dat je iets op je nlog hebt gezet.
    Mooi Ingrid, een prachtige tuin heb je gemaakt.

  2. Your tangled garden is wonderful, I'm going to try your wonderful lady's slipper.