Monday, May 20, 2013

My first Tangled Garden

My second posting today haha :)
On the the Creator's Leaf a blog by Alice Hendon I found some lovely drawings of her from a Tangled Garden. I loved it immediately. I bought the ebook Alice was referring to and started my own garden project. It was so much fun to do. I love drawing all this botanical forms. I have no garden of my own, but now I do. 

String # 50

TanglePatterns String 050Not much activity on this blog lately. It has been a couple of months ago. I also started some other tangleprojects I wanted to do. I started with One Zentangle a Day, but I am stranded on day seven. But that doesn't matter, I can restart when I want to. But the main reason for not posting is my lack of energy as usual. But today I am posting :) yeah!

Well I tangled this string which was provided by Maria Thomas from for‎. You will find it under strings. You have to turn the string upside down to see how I used it. I started with the phicops and than the rest went smoothly. Fun to do.

string # 50