Friday, February 22, 2013

Quandary and zendala # 43

 Posting again. 

A new tangle has been relased. And it is called QUANDARY. See for the step outs: I am the Diva
What a fascinating new tangle Quandary is. I love this tangle. I had so much fun. To be honest I had to practice a little before I could draw this ZIA. I drew it freehand, no grid.

"What make's someone an artist? Is it when you get paid for your work? Is it when you finally have a gallery show? Is it when someone else calls your work art? "

Wise words from Erin for us to think over. You want to read more about what she says about feeling/being like an artist?  Click here.

 Erin from The Bright Owl asked us to use your favorite tangles that will make you mostly feel like an artist. Well there are so many favorite tangles, but not every tangle is suitable.
And here is, very late, my zendala dare # 43. I finished it already a while ago, but forgot to post it.
Two versions. A black and white, and a colored one.


  1. Wow-I love everything you did with Quandary! And your Zendalas are great--love the beautiful color in the second!

  2. Great zendalas, and your quandary tile is gorgeous. So many variations, and such a organic flow. Love it.

  3. Fijn je hier (zo onverwacht) weer te 'zien'!
    Geweldig, zoals je Quandary uit de lossen hand hebt getekend. De hel tile is mooi. De zendala's zijn allebei erg mooi, hoewel de 1e mijn favoriet is.

  4. Beautiful!!
    Cheers, Kelley