Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Zendala dare # 39 - Zendon't

Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2013 with lots of time to tangle.

What an excellent dare this is and a great challenge. Erin asked us to make a zendala in a way you usually don't do. Look for further details here.
I have a tendency to overcritisize myself so I pushed aside my criticus. Ok, to be honest I still heard the little voices, but didn't listen to them. I also do a lot of thinking before starting. And somestimes I even don't get started because of all the thinking. This time I jumped into action, well ok with some hesitation, but I jumped. In this zendala most tangles I never used before, like veezley, palrevo, charlie, msst. Sparkle I used once or twice before. Also these colours are new to me to work with.
I love this zendala. Thank you Erin  and I will broaden this experience to my daily life throughout this coming year. There is still a lot more to practice with the don'ts.


  1. Very nicely done! I really like much about your Zendala - the simple palrevo is perfect for a diamond shape, and I wouldn't have thought to use msst this way, but I love it. Also like the mix of black/white and color, and your shading in the center. Love this.

  2. Ik ben het helemaal met Sue eens. Deze zendala is prachtig!

  3. Congrats on jumping in! It paid off because your zendala is a beauty!

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  5. Hi, I've just written a post on my own blog (www.artinkulate.blogspot.co.uk) about the Little Voice! I wanted to hear others' experiences of the creative process, then stumbled upon your post!Spooky!