Sunday, October 21, 2012

Diva challenge# 91 Beads of Courage

These are the Beads of Courage for the Diva's Challenge # 91 for this week. (click the button in the sidebar on the right).
Beads of Courage is a wonderfull charity that helps children with a chronicle illness or condition to tell their story of courage and strenght. Each time they take their medical journey the child gets a bead for every treatment or special occasion. In the Netherlands we know something like this for children who are treated with cancer. It is called the "Kanjerketting".

Again I ran out of time and  energy. My last two weeks were very busy and exhausting. But still I wanted to draw the "Beads" challenge. I also wanted to do something different. Wanted to start with a coloured background. Know nothing about any creative techniques or so. I kicked myself out of my comfortzone and took the risk. At The Creator's Leaf (click button in the side bar on the right) I had seen Alice doing the dripping and splashing technique. Would give it a try. I took some pictures but have no time at the moment to post them here :(  Ah well, in the need of time and energy, to make a long story short this is my result. The little yellow-golden suns are for all these special and brave children who are the suns in the life of their family and friends.
Have a good time you all,  whatever you're doing.


  1. Your tile is wonderful - lovely beads and the rich colours are awesome! You've done really well :)
    P.S thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments :)

  2. Beautiful color work and the detail on the beads. Love the symbolism of the gold starts what a terrific way to honor the children.

  3. Heel erg mooi Ingrid, mooie tangles, mooie kleuren. Leuk is dat hè om eerst een ondergrond te maken. Het werkt ook mooi met alleen zwarte ecoline en water.
    Fijn dat je energie vond om mee te doen!