Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diva challenge # 90-string 001

This is my rendition for this week's challenge from The Diva (see button on the right in the sidebar).
Maybe I'm just in time before "closing time".

Well, I am not satisfied at all with this one. This week  again I was very tired with migraine and had to lay down and rest. Not able to grab a pen to tangle. Oh, I hate these days in bed. I did my best but actually I was still too tired to draw. 


  1. What a lovely tile - and the little spider surprise - awesome - almost missed it.

  2. cool! the shading really makes this whole tile stand out. the cruffles with the dangles, the spider, and you used my sunz pattern - yay!!!

  3. Ondanks alles heb je er een erg mooie 'tile' van gemaakt Ingrid! Hoop dat je je nu beter voelt.

  4. Its a super tile, I can't think what it would of looked like if you hadn't had a migraine. Extra super!!