Friday, September 28, 2012

IX- a very abstract adventure

Hahaha, so this is IX. Although that's what I made of it. It really was an adventure, but I think IX will not become my friend. 

wormlike thingies?

The second try is a very abstract one, at least I think. Or is it just crap? So you like it or you don't. Hahaha.
I  run out of energy. So not many words this week. Have a good time you all.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zendala dare # 24

Maybe it is not so exciting and a little predictable that I used Rick's Paradox in this template, but I love the Paradox and every time I see squares and triangles I can't think of anything else :- ))
At first I  only wanted to post  no 1, because I thought it was finished. I already framed it. But just before posting it did not feel right. It felt unfinished, to empty, even a little boring. So I started drawing again.  But it had to be a pattern that would not overrule paradox. And Lacy is one of my favorites too which shows it's own character after drawing like Paradox does too.

no 1
 no 2   I filled in Lacy. That felt much better. But should I go on and fill in all the empty spaces or leave some unfilled so the drawing could "breathe"?  

no 3  I ventured the guess and  added hurry. Better. Now stop, or else it would be too busy.  But yet there was no shading. Too flat. Starting again.  

In no 4 I did some shading.
In no 5 I framed  and colored and played a little with picasa.

So this it will be.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Monodala and String 18

Like I said in my previous post, I like the challenges, but to finish them all in one week doesn't work for me because of the lack of energy.  I need more time to concentrate and feel the meditative effort of tangling. Won't feel the pressure of a "deadline" and have to bungle my drawings.  
The coloured one is a monodala Erin from The Bright Owl (see button in the sidebar) gave us: fill in the template with just one tanglepattern. I made  a monodala in a monocolor and I used the mooka pattern. Loved  to do it.

Below my first String I filled in. It became neat and tidy which is very pretty for the permanent chaos in my head. Used the patterns: zedbra, crete, camelia, ?, keeko, cruffle, zedbra.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rick's Paradox

Finally I am able to post . The last couple of weeks I was very exhausted with a lot of migraine. A sort of burnout like situation, because I overasked myself with all sorts of activities and denying   my  signals of tiredness. So I had to rest a lot to regenerate a little bit of energy. I can't say I am back again, because I am always behind with my energy :))  Ah well, I decided not to take part of the challenges every week. I can't manage to draw all in one week. Too much pressure. So I do the challenges in my own time.

Here you see Rick's Paradox. This tangle pattern challenged me a lot. After a lot of attemps I finally was able to produce this one. It measures 30x30 cm and I made it about six months ago.