Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zendala dare # 13

This week we had to play with paper. The only paper I could find was a very  very light bleu and white marmered piece of paper. After filling in the patterns and scanning, there is nothing to been seen anymore of the marmering. That is a pity, maybe I'll try once more on an other piece. But this is the result. It was fun to do.

I found a piece of children's wrappingpaper. So I did give the challenge another try. I thought it could work, but it didn't. At least not with me. It looks too messy to me.


  1. haha! you were right! our tiles are almost identical in the center :) i like your one on blue a lot. i think the wrapping paper would be similar to one of the pieces of mail i used - too slick to hold the penwork well. but i think it is great that you tried! wasn't this fun?

  2. The first one is really beautiful. The second one is bold and bright, and would look great in a child's room.