Sunday, July 1, 2012

Zendala dare # 12

This is what I made from the zendala dare for this week. I think it is very busy, and doing all it in black and white would be too heavy. So I decided to use some colour in it, but it is still too busy. I should have left more open space in it I think. I used Dragonair, N'zeppel, Arckles and ?....(sorry, I don't know the name. Anybody does?
The final version

The template halfway

Erin Olson from The Bright Owl gave us this zendala template for this week


  1. not too busy at all - i like both of them. i usually love color, but i think this one time i like the black and white better. super job on the detail!

  2. Very pretty. Your detail work is just lovely.