Friday, July 13, 2012

Diva challenge # 78 Auraknot

This week I am late with my entry because I had to visit my newborn baby grandson in Belgium. I was very happy to hold him in my arms.

This week we could play with the new official tangle "Auraknot" from I am the Diva. It sure was fun to do, but after some trials, I had to watch the video again and again because I got lost every time. But after watching the video over and over I think I know how to do this. But still it is a tricky one, to me,  which asks a lot of concentration. Especially when I am tired I can't find my way through it.

So this is what I did with Auraknot.

The second one, below,  I did in black and white. It got that strange form after drawing Hi-C around it.  Can't decide whether I like this one or not.


  1. I love these! Your Auraknot flowers are so pretty and the colors are beautiful! The second is wonderful, too--makes your eye dance around the design! Very nicely done!

  2. They are both beautiful! The first is so happy with color, and the second has beautiful line work!

  3. ingrid - i really like your colorful design! i love bright color and you got this one perfectly!