Monday, December 10, 2012

Where's my template? Dare # 35

Where's my template? Erin gave us no template for this week? No- but she showed us a way to create our own "snowflake"template. You want to know how? Look here. I liked the idea of the snowflake template, but unfortunately it didn't turn out well for me. I made several templates and started drawing the one you see below. But I'm really not happy at all with this one. My creativity left me and I feel stuck. Maybe I put the bar too high. ( I know, that is one of my traps). Anyway, the idea Erin gave us is great and you can have a lot of fun with it. Thanks Erin.

I also made this template and maybe I have time and energy to make this one some time.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Diva challenge # 98 Keenees

This is my contribution for the diva challenge for this week. Again I'm late, so just a few  words. The challenge was  the U.M.T which means "Use My Tangle". The tangle "Keenees" from Donna Hornsby CZT. I just figured out that I'm too late. I missed the deadline for this challenge. Well, it doesn't matter, I had fun with this challenge. You  see Keenees in the corner right. I also used a new tangle (corner left)  which is called "Fungees" by Leslie Crumpler CZT. This one I love very much.
Up to the next challenge and I try to post in time.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Zendala dare # 34

Finally a little energy to post again. This is my contribution for this week's dare that Erin from The Bright Owl gave us.   The second ring I found it difficult to fill. Little suitable tangles in my opinion, but I'm curious to see what others made of it. Have good week you all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Zendala dare # 32

The zendala dare for this week. I think it is a weird one. Although it looks very psychedelic, it had a very calming effect on my mind. I enjoyed working on it and the outcome of drawing zentangles surprises me always. Ah well, that's the magic of zentangles. Have a good week with lot's of magic.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Zendala dare # 31

This is my zendala dare for this week's challenge from The Bright Owl. Have been ill this week, so I'm a little late. It was nice to do. I always make a bigger size of the templates in Word, otherwise the spaces are too small for me to fill in. But that takes also more time to finish one. Enjoy and have a good week you all.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Diva challenge # 94 Socc meets Bunzo

Socc meets Bunzo, or should I say Bunzo meets Socc? 
I wanted to try my hand again on Bunzo and thought, with this week's Diva challenge # 94 in mind, why not combine these two and see what will happen? Et voilà! This is my Zia for this week. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Diva challenge # 93-new tangle: Bunzo

Rick and Maria released a new official tangle in their newsletter called Bunzo. It is so simple but so much fun to do. 
And I decided to keep it that way: simple. No thinking about perfectioning with other patterns. I just added a touch of red in the second one to see what the effect would be. Maybe you will let me know which one you prefer?

You want to draw one yourself? Go to I am the Diva for instructions or to see other amazing pictures  with Bunzo. Happy bunzo-ing.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zendala dare # 28

This was the Zendala dare from  previous week. I ran out of time again. But I loved to do this dare very much and I am happy with the result. Not many words this week, so many plans/drawings to work on. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this one and have a nice sunday.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Diva challenge# 91 Beads of Courage

These are the Beads of Courage for the Diva's Challenge # 91 for this week. (click the button in the sidebar on the right).
Beads of Courage is a wonderfull charity that helps children with a chronicle illness or condition to tell their story of courage and strenght. Each time they take their medical journey the child gets a bead for every treatment or special occasion. In the Netherlands we know something like this for children who are treated with cancer. It is called the "Kanjerketting".

Again I ran out of time and  energy. My last two weeks were very busy and exhausting. But still I wanted to draw the "Beads" challenge. I also wanted to do something different. Wanted to start with a coloured background. Know nothing about any creative techniques or so. I kicked myself out of my comfortzone and took the risk. At The Creator's Leaf (click button in the side bar on the right) I had seen Alice doing the dripping and splashing technique. Would give it a try. I took some pictures but have no time at the moment to post them here :(  Ah well, in the need of time and energy, to make a long story short this is my result. The little yellow-golden suns are for all these special and brave children who are the suns in the life of their family and friends.
Have a good time you all,  whatever you're doing.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diva challenge # 90-string 001

This is my rendition for this week's challenge from The Diva (see button on the right in the sidebar).
Maybe I'm just in time before "closing time".

Well, I am not satisfied at all with this one. This week  again I was very tired with migraine and had to lay down and rest. Not able to grab a pen to tangle. Oh, I hate these days in bed. I did my best but actually I was still too tired to draw. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Dilip Patel, one of our fellow zentanglers and a CZT from Bengaluru - India, asked us: On the eve of the Ganesha festival in India,this is a humble invitation to you to consider creating a Zentangle Ganesha ( ZIA on the theme of Lord Ganesha) and post it.  It is my commitment to publish 100 Zentangle Ganeshas before 31st December, 2012. Some of you, informally, have contributed, but the pace is slow and time is running out.
Well, I tried my hand on Ganesha and I loved to do it.  One black and white version and one colored version.  Dilip, I hope you can use one of these or maybe both. 

You want to see other Ganesha versions? Or contribute one yourself?  Have a look at Z-Ganesha.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Zendala dare # 25

Dare # 25 from The Bright Owl (click button Zendala Dare in the side bar) arrived but I had not the faintest idea what to do with it. Went looking through Tangle Patterns (click button in the sidebar) for some patterns and ideas. The first pattern that attrackted me was Vigne. It looked so elegant and organic to me. Let's give it a try, I never used it before. I love drawing this pattern. Autumn has come, leaves everywhere, so that brought me to pokeleaf and in the middle squid. This drawing is really different from IX. Almost the opposite I can say in every way. I would never have thought that this result could be from the template this week. Thanks Erin.

                                                                 the template



Friday, September 28, 2012

IX- a very abstract adventure

Hahaha, so this is IX. Although that's what I made of it. It really was an adventure, but I think IX will not become my friend. 

wormlike thingies?

The second try is a very abstract one, at least I think. Or is it just crap? So you like it or you don't. Hahaha.
I  run out of energy. So not many words this week. Have a good time you all.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zendala dare # 24

Maybe it is not so exciting and a little predictable that I used Rick's Paradox in this template, but I love the Paradox and every time I see squares and triangles I can't think of anything else :- ))
At first I  only wanted to post  no 1, because I thought it was finished. I already framed it. But just before posting it did not feel right. It felt unfinished, to empty, even a little boring. So I started drawing again.  But it had to be a pattern that would not overrule paradox. And Lacy is one of my favorites too which shows it's own character after drawing like Paradox does too.

no 1
 no 2   I filled in Lacy. That felt much better. But should I go on and fill in all the empty spaces or leave some unfilled so the drawing could "breathe"?  

no 3  I ventured the guess and  added hurry. Better. Now stop, or else it would be too busy.  But yet there was no shading. Too flat. Starting again.  

In no 4 I did some shading.
In no 5 I framed  and colored and played a little with picasa.

So this it will be.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Monodala and String 18

Like I said in my previous post, I like the challenges, but to finish them all in one week doesn't work for me because of the lack of energy.  I need more time to concentrate and feel the meditative effort of tangling. Won't feel the pressure of a "deadline" and have to bungle my drawings.  
The coloured one is a monodala Erin from The Bright Owl (see button in the sidebar) gave us: fill in the template with just one tanglepattern. I made  a monodala in a monocolor and I used the mooka pattern. Loved  to do it.

Below my first String I filled in. It became neat and tidy which is very pretty for the permanent chaos in my head. Used the patterns: zedbra, crete, camelia, ?, keeko, cruffle, zedbra.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rick's Paradox

Finally I am able to post . The last couple of weeks I was very exhausted with a lot of migraine. A sort of burnout like situation, because I overasked myself with all sorts of activities and denying   my  signals of tiredness. So I had to rest a lot to regenerate a little bit of energy. I can't say I am back again, because I am always behind with my energy :))  Ah well, I decided not to take part of the challenges every week. I can't manage to draw all in one week. Too much pressure. So I do the challenges in my own time.

Here you see Rick's Paradox. This tangle pattern challenged me a lot. After a lot of attemps I finally was able to produce this one. It measures 30x30 cm and I made it about six months ago.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

celtic knot challenge # 2

This celtic knot challenge I found on this blog :creative doodling with judy. I copied the template to Word and  made the size 20x20 cm, because I thought the open spaces would be to small to fill in at the original size. It was really a challenge for me and it took me several hours to do it.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Zendala dare # 19

This is what I made of the zendala dare this week. I did some shading, but there is nothing to be seen after scanning.  I have not much time and energy to put more text. I am sorry for that.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diva challenge Assunta-Mooka

This is a quickie I made. Had not much time, because last week I was in Belgium to visit my two grand sons. Now that Laura is still on her vacation in Victoria, that gave me some extra time to make this one. Haven't seen what all the others did. At first assunta didn't attract me to play with, but as usual as always: once you learn to know the beauty of each  tangle and become "familiar" with it, it is so much fun to do.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zendala dare # 18

This week's dare no # 18 from The Bright Owl. I hope you all had fun tangling, just like I did.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diva Challenge # 82

Diva Challenge # 82

This is what I made for the Diva Challenge this week. It was  fun to do. Never used Brayd before, so it was a great adventure. Oh well, I am kind of satisfied. Now I am curious to see what all the others made this week. You too? Look here. Happy tangling everyone.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zendala dare # 17

In this week's challenge from The Bright Owl we could make a zendala in honor of........for someone special to you who has been affected by cancer in some way.......  
I decided to make a zendala for  all people who are battling with cancer, for those who lost their fight, and for people who won their  fight. With these people in mind I made this zendala. I wanted to keep it simple but strong.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Diva Challenge # 81

Pfft, I finished this challenge just in time. When I saw the template, I liked it, but for me it was kind of tricky to fill it in. So, it took me a while, but here my contribution is. 

Below you see the template that Erin from The Bright Owl provided us for the Diva Challenge this week.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More mandalas

Here are a few more mandalas I made some years ago.


boeddhamandala 2

boeddhamandala 1
home mandala

detail home mandala

detail home mandala

element mandala fire

element mandala water

Monday, July 30, 2012

Zendala dare # 16

Zendala dare # 16

A nice template we got  for the weekly dare from Erin Olson's The Bright Owl. I liked it because there are more wide open spaces than in a few dares before. So I did two this week. The first one gives me a kind of psychedelic feeling :) haha. But it felt a little tight, so I wanted to do another one to see if I would be able to bring in some fluency and colors. The colors: yes. But fluency.....????

Hi-C, Paradox and Drupe 

Angel fish, Dragonair, Flora and.....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Diva challenge # 80

The Diva's challenge this week was to play with Mi2.

I never used this tangle pattern before because it looked so complicated and difficult to draw. But that was wrong thinking. I followed the steps Rick Roberts showed us here. It was fun to do but I am not very happy with the result. I forgot to do some shading. It looks a very flat. But the result  is never more important than the process. That is what I have to bear in mind every time, so therefore this is what I made this week. Zentangling is a perfect way to let go of my perfectionism.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zendala dare # 14

 These are my results for this week. It was fun to do. After I made the yin/yang zendala, I wanted to do something with colors.  After that back again to black and white. 


colors-the second one

the third one